Drivers are present in all industrial sectors to ensure that production can run smoothly every day. In production, not only electric motors are needed to keep the process running, because cooling fans or pumps are also required to ensure that liquid substances can be supplied or removed. Electric motors Emmen is the partner for this to deliver all products for the entire production process.

Electrical engines

To be able to serve every customer a large diversity of electric motors is needed within the range of Electric motors Emmen. Elektromotoren Emmen has built this up over the years by investing in sustainable relationships with suppliers. These sustainable relationships have led to the fact that Elektromotoren Emmen has the top brands in the industry, such as: Siemens, Rotor, ATB, ABB, WEG and SEW. In addition, due to 40 years of experience and specialization within Electric Motors Emmen, every form of customization is possible. The gear unit is a not unimportant component that in some cases applies to an electric motor. An advantage of a gear unit is that it can realize more torque. Electric motors Emmen therefore supplies high-quality gear units from the top brand: TRAMEC.


A gearbox can be essential for the transfer of the electric motor to the place in the production process. This sounds pretty easy in theory, but nothing could be further from the truth. A gearbox is a complex matter for an individual who does not work with this on a daily basis. There are countless aspects involved in choosing the desired and most applicable gearbox. This is exactly where Elektromotoren Emmen can relieve its customers, so that this component can be applied correctly in the production process. Electric motors Emmen can supply various gearboxes, but the top brands that are present in the range are: SEW, Nord and Flender.


Pumps are indispensable in the production process to supply and remove certain substances. These are the devices that provide this part in the process. Every process has a specific demand for a pump with specific applications. To realize this, Elektromotoren Emmen is the collaborative partner in this field. There is a wide range available in the field of pumps with, among other things, the well-known brands such as: DAB.

Industrial fans

In certain production processes there is a need for supply or removal of hot or cold air. This can be achieved with an industrial fan tailored to the process. Designing or choosing a similar fan can be a complicated process. To facilitate this process for the customer, Elektromotoren Emmen can advise on the most applicable fan and also deliver the desired fan directly.

Frequency inverter

A frequency controller controls the speed of an electric motor by varying the frequency of the electric motor’s power supply. This ensures that the electricity grid is loaded more evenly and this in turn leads to energy savings. In addition, a certain level of protection is also achievable for the machine through the use of a frequency inverter. A frequency inverter therefore has many advantages and this is why this part cannot be missing in the range of Electric Motors Emmen.