In every process there are pumps available to supply and remove the required liquids to the installation. A pump is therefore indispensable in a production process. To prevent downtime, Elektromotoren Emmen only supplies pumps of excellent quality. However, the pumps must have the desired maintenance to be able to continue to guarantee quality.

Elektromotoren Emmen uses two types of pumps, namely: industrial pumps and submersible pumps. These pumps are supplied exclusively from the best brands in the market, so that the best quality can be guaranteed. This quality does go hand in hand with a degree of maintenance. Furthermore, our pumps are based on limiting the cost of ownership and the impact on the environment.

Industrial pumps

The industrial pumps find their application in production processes where a constant supply or removal of liquids is required. This type of pump must meet the required requirements. Selecting a similar pump can be a difficult process that involves many aspects. Every installation requires its own industrial pump. To relieve the customer in this regard, Elektromotoren Emmen is specialized in giving advice and supplying the right pump. It goes without saying that customization is also possible for your required industrial pump to fit your installation.

Submersible pumps

The submersible pumps find their application in pumping up liquids or transferring liquids. A submersible pump is below the water level so that a room can be pumped empty or that the liquids can be pumped. Finding the right submersible pump can be a major challenge. One of the important aspects is the amount of water that needs to be pumped up. In addition, it is also important if a submersible pump must be switched off in time.

Ultimately, a lot of information and knowledge is needed to be able to choose the right pump. Elektromotoren Emmen is the partner in this to advise you on the right pump and to deliver it as quickly as possible.