The maintenance of an electric motor, pump or fan can lead to a longer service life and a longer cost-of-ownership. This maintenance can take place in various forms, namely: predictive, proactive, preventive and corrective. Elektromotoren Emmen wants to try to prevent corrective maintenance by applying the other forms of maintenance. If corrective maintenance is required, there is a malfunction in the installation. This means that the installation unexpectedly comes to a standstill. The other types of maintenance involve repair of electric motors, pumps or fans under controlled conditions at the desired times. An important aspect of our maintenance is that all our work is ATEX certified.


The first step of predictive maintenance is to measure certain aspects of an electric motor. In most cases, this concerns the vibrations that an electric motor produces. The second step is to analyze the information that comes from reading the vibrations. This is done so that an image can be displayed of the condition of the crucial parts. As a final step, our certified vibration analyst makes a report containing the required maintenance to prevent downtime.

The advantages of predictive maintenance are becoming increasingly visible to the customers of Elektromotoren Emmen. A study was conducted into predictive maintenance by the World Economic Forum and Accenture last year. This study concluded that predictive maintenance means that 12% less is spent on planned maintenance and 30% less on repair costs. In addition, a 70% reduction in downtime is possible by performing predictive maintenance.


The electric motors, pumps and fans supplied by Elektromotoren Emmen are of the highest quality. This does not necessarily mean that these products function equally well in every environment. In some environments, there are external factors that cause an electric motor, pump, or fan to malfunction or break. Proactive maintenance is required to prevent this.

To guarantee the life and quality of the electric motor, pump or fan, it is important to look at the external factors present. The first step in this process is to describe the environment. For example, factors such as harmful substances and the weather. The second step is to investigate possibilities in the field of new or customized electric motors, pumps or fans. The final step is to prepare and implement the options. To be able to do this, a great deal of innovative thinking is needed. This innovative thinking is one of the strong points of Elektromotoren Emmen. This is because Elektromotoren Emmen has 40 years of experience in the field and has therefore encountered many impossible situations.


Among all forms of maintenance, the preventive form is the simplest. The first step for performing preventive maintenance is to make an inventory of all available electric motors, pumps and fans on site. In this way, Elektromotoren Emmen knows exactly which parts are needed for the desired maintenance. The second step is to determine the period in which an electric motor, pump or fan requires maintenance. The final step is to plan and perform the required maintenance.

On the one hand, a lot of experience is needed to be able to carry out work at the moment of a stop and on the other hand, specialization is needed to be able to overhaul everything. This is exactly what Elektromotoren Emmen has within the company. Indeed, there is already 40 years of experience within the company in the field of electric motors, pumps and fans


Elektromotoren Emmen wants to prevent corrective maintenance as much as possible, but in some cases corrective maintenance is the quickest or last resort. In this concept we speak a lot about overhauling electric motors, pumps or fans that have been broken due to a malfunction. However, it is essential that a malfunction is resolved as quickly as possible and that the installation can produce again.

To be able to provide a flexible and fast service, Elektromotoren Emmen all has skilled personnel present in the company. The staff work together flawlessly and this leads to excellent cooperation between staff on site and in the workplace. This allows Elektromotoren Emmen to solve almost any problem within 24 hours.

Ultimately, it does not matter to Elektromotoren Emmen what kind of maintenance it is. This is because Elektromotoren Emmen can perform all work on site or in the workshop. This makes Elektromotoren Emmen the preferred partner when it comes to maintenance in the field of electric motors, pumps and fans.