Condition monitoring

“Measuring is knowing” this also applies to electric motors, pumps and fans. The application of measurements ensures that essential information is revealed. This information provides insight into internal and external factors that influence the lifespan. Elektromotoren Emmen wants to prevent unexpected downtime by applying measurements. Unexpected downtime is one of the larger factors of the cost-of-ownership of an electric motor, pump or fan. At present, Elektromotoren Emmen has three different measurements, namely: Hyposurge test, Motion amplification and vibration measurements.

Hyposurge test

A hyposurge test is an electrical measurement that is applicable to everything in which a winding is present. The winding is partly responsible for the rotation of an electric motor, pump or fan and is therefore indispensable. From the outside there is no possibility to see the winding. The only way to view a winding with the eye is by dismantling the electric motor. This is not possible in certain cases and therefore the hyposurge test is the outcome for measuring the windings.

Motion amplification

The failure of an electric motor, pump or fan is due in certain cases to the external factors present. In these external factors, vibrations are present, causing problems for a part of the installation, but these vibrations cannot be seen with the naked eye. Elektromotoren Emmen has a motion amplification camera to detect these vibrations. This camera can detect all the vibrations that are present in the process. With this camera, Elektromotoren Emmen is able to conclude the cause of the vibrations.

Vibration measurements

A vibration can cause a lot in the moving parts of everything that runs. This vibration can cause the drive to break due to irregular running. To be able to check this, a measurement is required by a certified vibration analyst. From these vibrations, information is obtained about the condition of the electric motor, pump, fan or gearbox in question. Moreover, with this information an analysis can take place containing the points that can pose a threat.

The big advantage of taking measurements is that information is revealed about the condition of an electric motor, pump, fan or gearbox. As a result of obtaining this information, it is possible to prevent unexpected downtime and to have controlled maintenance take place. In addition, unexpected downtime is an eyesore for every company and as a result it costs a lot of money. Elektromotoren Emmen wants to prevent this as much as possible for its customers.

Online monitoring system

In every company there is an installation that is essential for the production process. If this installation fails, the entire production process will stop. To prevent this as much as possible, Elektromotoren Emmen has the option to implement an online monitoring system. In this system, sensors are placed on the essential parts of the installation. These sensors enable the system to perform a measurement at a certain interval. From these intervals, information is read about the condition of the part of the installation. The online monitoring system ensures that information is available 24/7 about the condition of the electric motors, pumps, fans and gearboxes present.

Ultimately, measurements are very important for the life of an electric motor, pump, fan or gearbox. In addition, it is also important to keep control over this. Our certified vibration analyst is always there for you if you want to know more about the possibilities of our measurements.