Electrical engines

For Elektromotoren Emmen it is very important to be able to serve everyone as quickly as possible. One of the required aspects is the presence of a large offer. Thanks to this offer, Elektromotoren Emmen can supply almost any electric motor. Is your current electric motor built to measure? This is also not a problem for Elektromotoren Emmen. The employees already have 40 years of experience in the profession. In addition, Elektromotoren Emmen has an ATEX certification and a SIEMENS certification.


It is important for Elektromotoren Emmen to be able to help its customers in the field of electric motors everywhere. As a result, a large assortment has been built up, the following electric motors are present in this assortment: three-phase motors, pole-changing motors, brake motors, single-phase AC motors, aluminum MA motors, DC motors and servo motors. Elektromotoren Emmen supplies only the top brands from the market, in order to guarantee the quality of the installation. In this way we can focus with our electric motors on the cost of ownership and the impact on the environment.

Geared motor

Furthermore, Elektromotoren Emmen has a wide range when it comes to parts of an electric motor. This includes capacitors, bearings, cooling fans, fans, terminal boards and terminal boxes. In addition, the gear units cannot be missed in the range of Elektromotoren Emmen. A gear unit is the solution for customers who want to get more torque from their electric motor. Choosing the right gear unit is a difficult process in most cases. Herein, Elektromotoren Emmen can completely relieve the customer and take care of choosing the right gear unit

Ultimately, Elektromotoren Emmen can solve any problem / question for you. This can be done both by supplying a new electric motor and overhauling an old electric motor. Because choosing an electric motor has important aspects, Elektromotoren Emmen prefers to communicate by telephone or e-mail. This is because in this way communication can be more detailed, so that no noise occurs in the communication.