About us

It all started about 40 years ago in a small workshop with a select group of specialists in the field of electric motors. A young winder was also present among this select group of specialists with his vision focused on the future. In this vision, the customer was central and the organization had to become more flexible in order to be able to serve the customer faster. The winder was promoted to manager and in this way could start working on his vision. After a number of years as a manager, the organization divested the electromechanical branch. As a result of this event, the then business manager started his own business and Elektromotoren Emmen found its foundation in 2004.


In the beginning of Elektromotoren Emmen, the company had only one company car and five people. These five-man staff were still the same select group of specialists. The manager managed to persuade them to go to the new company that he had founded. Thanks to the experience and knowledge that was present among these specialists, Elektromotoren Emmen was able to make good strides.

These steps worked out well and the director needed a partner to guarantee quality, flexibility and speed. Here is where the current co-director comes in. This was also a young and driven entrepreneur with the same vision, but he had no specific knowledge in the field of electric motors. The current co-director first joined the company for a few years as a technician. As a result, much practical knowledge has been gained and the directors together make it a success every day.

Due to the hard work of both directors in conjunction with the specialization of staff, Electric Motor Emmen has grown enormously. At this moment there are more than 30 engineers working and Elektromotoren Emmen has 16 service buses. This success is due to the hard work of all engineers and the customer focus of the company.

Your drive, Our care!