In a production process it is important that the installations run every day so that the process runs efficiently and smoothly. To be able to run these installations, electric motors, pumps and fans are required. The electric motors take care of the installation drive, the pumps take care of the supply and removal of fluids and the fans take care of the supply and removal of air. This products Elektromotoren Emmen can deliver new every day. However, it has become apparent in the last 40 years that maintaining or overhauling an electric motor is cheaper. As a result, Elektromotoren Emmen is constantly looking for new innovations to extend the service life.


One of the targets of Elektromotoren Emmen is to prevent an unexpected standstill at the customer. If an unexpected downtime occurs due to the addition of an electric motor, pump or fan, the production process will stop. A consequence of this is that no product is manufactured and this costs money. Elektromotoren Emmen is the collaborative partner in controlling this process. As a result, there is less unexpected downtime, making the installation more efficient and the electric motor, pump or fan having a lower cost of ownership.
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There are two moments when you can choose to have an electric motor, pump or fan overhauled. The first moment occurs when one of the three is in such a condition that a small repair is not sufficient. The second moment occurs when it is a tailor-made electric motor, pump or fan that cannot be delivered new within a day. To be able to overhaul in the right way, sufficient knowledge and quality are required within a company. Elektromotoren Emmen has these two aspects through 40 years of experience in the field. There is also no problem for Elektromotoren Emmen that cannot be solved.
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In most cases the condition of an electric motor, pump or fan cannot be read from the outside. To find out the condition, measurements must be taken on the inside. However, this is not possible without dismantling an electric motor, pump or fan. It is possible to measure the vibrations that are produced. These vibrations display information about the condition of the electric motor, pump or fan. This sounds very easy in theory, but it is not. Elektromotoren Emmen has its own certified vibration analyst for this work. more information …


The control of an installation is of great importance to be able to adjust a process at any time or to be able to temporarily suspend a part of the process. The process around building and designing a management requires a lot of knowledge and experience. To realize this, Elektromotoren Emmen has in-house specialists in the field of engineering. These specialists have all the required knowledge and experience to turn every problem into a solution.

On location

A flexible and fast service is one of the targets of Elektromotoren Emmen. To achieve this, Elektromotoren Emmen wants to make it possible to perform every service on location. At the moment a large part of the service can already be performed on location. The other part requires mechanical work and this is simply easier to do in the workshop. more information …