Cheerfulness and clarity combined in your factory!

Add a bit of cheerfulness or clarity to your factory? That is possible at Elektromotoren Emmen! Because it is possible to have your electric motors and pumps spray in the desired color at Elektromotoren Emmen. An advantage of this is that you can clearly see in which year an electric motor or pump was overhauled. The other and perhaps even more important advantage is that you can add a bit of cheerfulness and atmosphere to your factory in this way.


Familyday Teijin Aramid in Emmen

Last Saturday we were present at the family day of Teijin Aramid in Emmen. Here we were allowed to give a demo about the Motion Amplification camera. A camera that can amplify microscopically small vibrations in a clear video. In total there were about 1200 visitors. It was a very nice day with a lot of interest.

Better view, More information.

In recent times, Elektromotoren Emmen has been busy finding new applications to determine the condition of an electric motor. Through these applications, Elektromotoren Emmen wants to help its customers prevent unexpected downtime. Indeed, unexpected downtime is one of the larger factors of the cost-of-ownership of an electric motor. To realize this, Elektromotoren Emmen has brought in a motion amplification camera and a certified vibration analyst. This allows Elektromotoren Emmen to display the vibrations in the installation that cause problems for the production process. Would you like to know more about the possibilities that Elektromotoren Emmen has to offer? Our vibration analyst is always ready to tell you more about this and can be reached at 0591-616928.