Available 24/7

A failure? Elektromotoren Emmen is available 24/7 with specialists to remedy the malfunction.

40 years experience

Customization? Elektromotoren Emmen has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. This means that no challenge is too big for us.


Elektromotoren Emmen has both an ATEX and Siemens certification. This allows Elektromotoren Emmen to meet all requirements.

Your proactive partner in the field of drives!

Elektromotoren Emmen is not your standard supplier of electric motors, pumps, fans and gearboxes. Within Elektromotoren Emmen there is a strong focus on realizing solutions with overhauling and new delivery as supporting components. This can prevent downtime in the future, which leads to a lower cost-of-ownership of a drive. Electric motors Emmen therefore not only works for you but also thinks along with you!

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Cheerfulness and clarity combined in your factory!

Add a bit of cheerfulness or clarity to your factory? That is possible at Elektromotoren Emmen! Because it is possible to have your electric motors and pumps spray in the desired color at Elektromotoren Emmen. An advantage of this is that you can clearly see in which year an electric motor or pump was overhauled. The other and perhaps even more important advantage is that you can add a bit of cheerfulness and atmosphere to your factory in this way.


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